Combining hot sauce with your daily dishes can be fun and challenging, but you could also choose to go for a combination that is a guaranteed hit. Tacos with chicken & hot sauce is such a match made in heaven. Tacos with slow cooked chicken and our Tranquilizer hot sauce to be more precise. That is exactly what Koen from @koen_kookt made.

Tacos with Slow Cooked Chicken and Tranquilizer hot sauce

Koen posted some amazing pictures of his creation, including the full recipe and needed ingredients in the Instagram post you can find right here.


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I was asked by Stan and Freek from @raijmakersheetmakers to try their Tranquilizer hot sauce 🌶. And I immediately knew what would be the ideal companion to this hot sauce! Taco’s! 🌮 I made my favourite ones with slow cooked chicken. The chicken recipe is more than you need for taco’s. You could use the leftovers for enchiladas or sandwiches (possibly with barbecue sauce, or long island dressing and pineapple!). For the chicken: 1-1,5 kg chicken (use a mix of filet and thighs) 2 onions Juice of 2 tangerines or 1 orange 1 tbsp ground cumin 1 tbsp cacao powder 2 tbsp paprika powder 0,5 tbsp cinnamon A good dash of hot sauce 140 gr tomato puree (2 small cans) To assemble the taco’s Small tortilla’s Hot sauce Toppings (most of them are optional, so pick what you like): Lettuce Pickled onions (recipe to follow!) Avocado Crème fraiche Limes Chopped tomatoes Corn Pineapple Pico de galo Cilantro The chicken is slow cooked, and needs approximately 3 hours of cooking time. Start by finely dicing the onions and mixing them with the fruit juice, tomato puree and all the spices. Cover the pieces of chicken with this mixture and transfer it to a deep baking tray. Cover with aluminum foil and make 20-30 small holes in the foil. Transfer to a pre-heated over and let sit for 3 hours at 150C. Once you remove the chicken from the oven, it could be that it looks quite moist. In that case, drain the moisture. Pull the chicken apart with 2 forks, until you have something that resembles pulled chicken/ropa vieja. Your chicken is now ready! Fry the tortilla’s in an iron skillet, and fill with all your topings! I prefer mine with a bit of crème fraiche, some avocado, lettuce, pickled onions and hot sauce. #meal #food #onthetable #rotterdam #rotterdamfood #comfortfood #foodporn #homemadefood #homechef #foodie #foodphotograpy #instafood #foods #recipe #mealinspiration #foodinspiration #eten #diner #foodfeast #leftoverdiner #foodgasm #nomnom #hungry #chefmode #thenewhealthy #ontheplate #taco #mexicanfood #hotsauce

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Ofcourse you can play with the toppings and choose your favorites, but Koen’s choice for crème fraiche, avocado, lettuce, pickled onions and the Tranquilizer hot sauce sounds delicious. The flavors of the toppings, slow cooked chicken and the Habanero, sweet potato and smoked paprika in our Tranquilizer hot sauce combine perfectly. Enjoy!

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