When you are Dutch and somewhere between 10 and 40 years old, you probably know who Bram Krikke is. This rising social media star is well known for his very specific sence of humor, so Youtuber Jeroen Bosch decided to pay him a visit. No normal visit, because Jeroen decided to surprise Bram with a Hot Ones challenge with 3 sauces, featuring our Brain Buzzer as well.

In the video below you will hear Bram Krikke say that he is not used to having spicy food, but that he is trying it more and more often. After his first bite of our hottest Raijmakers Heetmakers sauce (the Brain Buzzer) he says he likes the flavour, but then the heat kicks in. And then he starts struggling …

A great Hot Ones inspired video from Jeroen Bosch, so enjoy watching it.

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