• “Made with lots of Fresh peppers, our hot sauces are a medicin for both you and your food”

    Freek & Stan – Founders of Raijmakers Heetmakers™

We are Raijmakers Heetmakers

We are the Dutch hot sauce brand that combines heat and flavour to make a medicin for both you and your food. Everything will get better with Raijmakers Heetmakers™.

Raijmakers Heetmakers™ is established in the Southern Part of the Netherlands by brothers Freek & Stan. Although The Netherlands are not well known for it’s spicy food, it is the brothers’ mission to share the love for hot sauce and other spicyness with the Dutch people and other people around the world. How? With hot sauces that have a perfect balance of flavour & heat and go well with all different kinds of food.

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Our hot sauces are great on all sorts of food, but it doesn’t just stop there.
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Hot sauces don’t only go well on all sorts of food, you can even spice up drinks with it. To demonstrate...

Foto van oprichters Raijmakers Heetmakers

Onze hot sauces staan in Foodies Magazine

YEAH! We staan in Foodies Magazine, één van Nederlands grootste food tijdschriften. Redactrice Anne kwam bij ons op bezoek en interviewde...

This is our spicy twist on the French 75 cocktail

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