Are you new to the hot sauce game or are other sauces such as mayonaise or ketchup just never spicy enough? Mixing our hot sauces with other sauces can then be a smart idea, since Raijmakers Heetmakers is great for adding heat to just about everything. Below you’ll find some great mixing examples which you should absolutely try.

Jalapeño Mayonaise

Combining mayonaise with our Immune Booster will make you never want to have plain mayonaise again. Pour some mayonaise in a cup and add Immune Booster hot sauce (with Jalapeño, lime & gin) until you have reached the right amount of heat and jalapeño flavour. It’s addictive.

Spicy Habanero Mustard

Sometimes mustard is spicy enough on it’s own, but if you have a plain one in your fridge you can just use our Tranquilizer to add that Habanero heat and flavour. You are going to love this combo. If this still isn’t hot enough, you can always use our Brain Buzzer (with Carolina Reaper) instead of Tranquilizer.

Chipotle & creme fraiche nacho dip

Who doesn’t like nacho chips? The plain ones need a good dipping sauce of course and it’s very easy to make one. Get some crème fraiche from the supermarket and pour in some Heat Enhancer hot sauce (with chipotle, habanero and whiskey). This will make a lovely sweet and sour dipping with a smokey and spicy touch. By the way, all of our hot sauces go great with crème fraiche, so you will never go wrong on a spicy nacho dip.

Carolina Reaper Ketchup

There are spicy ketchups on the market, but if you want to go hard then you can add some Carolina Reaper hot sauce to your regular ketchup. Our Brain Buzzer has Carolina Reaper peppers, tomato and ginger in it and combines very well with ketchup. This one’s not for the faint hearted!

Do you want to know where you can buy or hot sauces? Check out all Raijmakers Heetmakers stockists here.