We care

It’s not just about making profit.

Environmental impact

We at Raijmakers Heetmakers want to spread the love for hot sauce as responsibly as we can. Most of our ingredients are locally sourced, like the chillies for example. To maintain high quality we buy our chillies from professional growers and suppliers located in the Western part of the Netherlands. This region is globally known for it’s state of the art greenhouses. Besides striving for high quality chillies, these companies also use very advanced systems to keep their CO2 footprint extremely low and use biological crop protection to take care of their chillies. These companies are essential in making great hot sauces and we are proud to work with them.

Keeping our environmental impact low doesn’t stop at the ingredient level. Can you spot the greenish glow in the glass bottles we use? This reveals that our bottles consist of 60% recycled glass. And they aren’t produced at the other side of the world. No, they are made in Germany. That saves a couple of thousand kilometers.

Social Responsibility

Just as much as we care about the planet, we care about people. Our signature paper boxes and labels are put onto our sauce bottles at a social company (Jobfactory) nearby. Due to very divergent reasons the people that work there have little chance of getting a “real” job.

We are always super happy to hear that they love to work with our sauces. As little as our impact might be, we feel pleased to give back to our local society in this way.