Hot sauces don’t only go well on all sorts of food, you can even spice up drinks with it. To demonstrate this, we have made three somewhat classic cocktails that involve hot sauces, to give them an (extra) spicy twist.

Spicy Margarita

In the video below you will find our spicy take on the classic margarita cocktail. This zingy and fresh cocktail goes super well with our Immune Booster hot sauce, since this also has a lot of lime and fresh ingredients like Jalapeño, tomatillo and several types of herbs.


Also a classic Mexican cocktail is the Michelade. The original recipe already calls for hot sauce, but we had to throw in our Tranquilizer hot sauce of course. This one adds a bit more heat due to the habanero pepper and some smokyness from the smoked paprika.

Extra spicy Bloody Mary

Last but not the least is the Bloody Mary. The classic recipe is already great, but if you want to ramp up the heat on this cocktail you might want to use our Brain Buzzer hot sauce, as we did in our recipe video. This hot sauce contains the Carolina Reaper pepper, officially the hottest in the world still. This cocktail is nice on a summer day, but does equally well at a party during winter time. This will get you warm for sure.